Chris Lee Uncovered

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Chris Lee New York State Congressman, exposed on Internet. Mr. Lee contacted a 34-year-old woman via Craig list. Lee told the women on Craig list he was a divorced 39-year-old who was a lobbyist. Truth Mr. Lee is a 46-year-old and married with one child. News of this liaison was leaked out via It was found that the 34-year-old woman was the person that leaked this information.

Lee sent the 34-year-old women a photo of himself in a blue polo shirt. The woman asked; if he was posing for a JC pennies add. Meaning that the photo was to subdue for her liking. Mr. Lee then sent the woman a photo of himself shirtless. The 34-year-old recognized Mr. Lee and sent the photo to the Internet gossip site She claims she received no money for sending this photo to gawker.

These events lead to Mr. Lee resigning from his position as a New York State Congressman. It is not clear who will fill Lee’s seat; a special election will take place. It is Mr. to end such a promising political career.

Will Ken and Barbie Reunite?

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With Valentines Day approaching, Mattel toys pose the question if Barbie should reunite with Ken? Apparently Ken and Barbie had a fallen out in 2004. Fifty years ago Ken wooed Barbie in to being his steady girl. When Ken emerged on to the scene in 1959, woman roles were to be the happy housewife. Barbie of course needed a man to complete her.

In the nineteen fifties Barbie did not have a profession, although it was not made clear what exactly Ken’s profession was. Could the falling out with Ken and Barbie in 2004 be the fact that Barbie was a career woman? Barbie changed from the nineteen fifties icon, she was no longer a plastic fashion model. By the year 2004 Barbie became a Doctor, veterinarian, dentist, figure skater, nurse, and  even joined the air force. She became a computer engineer in 2010 (she is even wearing glasses). Barbie has over one hundred twenty-five jobs. Maybe Ken got disgusted not being able to spend time with Barbie, and wanted out of the relationship. Perhaps Ken did not have a job and Barbie got sick of supporting him. We will never know, it was a very private split up.

Should Barbie and Ken reunite? After a seven-year split can their relationship be rekindled? Well you the public can decide, just click on On Valentines Day we will know if Barbie and Ken will live happily ever after, or will they just go their separate ways?

Cure Frontman Dies

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Robert James Smith’s April 21,1959-June 1, 2050

Passed away of natural causes, on Wednesday. Survivors include wife Mary (Poole) Smith, Sisters Janet (Smith) Thompson and Margaret Smith. Robert Smith was the front man for a band called The Cure. Service will be held on Saturday June 3 St. Mary’s.


It’s all about me

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When I read this assignment,I thought how much I did not want to talk about myself. Shyness was on my twenty statements.It rings true doing this assignment. I had to really think what defines me. It was the first word on my list. Musician defines me the most. I can not imagine my life with out music. I  have my A.S. in music performance from Villa. I wanted to be a music teacher,and studied voice at  the university level,but I was starting to get stressed being a music education major. It was affecting my health,so I knew I needed to leave the program. I came back to Villa last year to finish my Bachelor degree in music industry.

Music is my passion,I hope so to have a job in the music profession.It worries me that I wont find a job. I am willing to move anywhere in the country to pursue a job in music. Hopefully someplace warm ,no snow! I am finished with all my ensembles and lessons,yet I still practice. Music relaxes me and even if I am having a bad day,it brings me back to a good peaceful place.

Music has been disappointing,for I did not become a music educator.I wanted to be one since I was sixteen years old. I feel as if I failed at what I set out to do.I also fear that I may fail to find a job in the music industry. I graduate next semester,its scary because I think what will happen then. I s Villa preparing me properly for a career in the music industry? I am not always sure,it is really scary .I hope to someday teach,on the college level.I would like to get my master degree in music history.I love music history and I want to teach it on the college level. One word that describes me is scared. I am scared about the future,here is to hoping things will work out.


Hello world!

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